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The IDEA Mindset
is available to purchase now!

Read the life-changing new book by leading executive coach Dr Gary Crotaz PhD, out now in physical book, ebook and audiobook formats.

The approach of The IDEA Mindset frees and focuses your thinking about where to go and how to get there” – Vicki Sato, retired Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

The IDEA Mindset is a way of thinking that will lead you towards a deeply fulfilling working life, based around the four core principles of Identity, Direction, Engagement and Authenticity.

I’ve been developing the foundations of a programme that helps people access this mindset for almost 20 years. People who are unhappy in their jobs, people who have lost their sense of purpose, people who are striving for ambitious goals or are just wondering what to do next. People just like you.

Over the course of six fun, intensive weeks, you will gain a profound understanding of your natural strengths. You will design a working life that enables you to reach your fullest potential, that excites you every day and delivers on what you need from your work – emotionally, logistically and everything in between – and you’ll draw up a clear and comprehensive plan for how to get there. Finally, and most importantly, you will access the confidence, clarity and calm that comes with knowing where you’re going, and why: your IDEA Mindset.

This is your chance to change your life. Grasp it with both hands!


“Are you ready to change your future working life?  I’m so excited to bring the power of the IDEA Mindset to help you figure out what you want from work and how to get it!”

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